Common questions in Yandex.Browser

Extensions and plug-ins

Shockwave Flash crash

The browser disables the extension

Adobe Flash Player is blocked

The browser doesn't support NPAPI and Unity


The Tableau isn’t synced

Widgets disappear

The background in the browser doesn’t change

How do I choose my background in the browser?


How do I turn off checking for HTTPS?

Security of browser settings

Security of the default search engine

Interaction with antivirus software

Installation and updates

Most recent browser version

Browser update error

How do I turn off updates in the background?

How can I turn off auto updates?


Video doesn't play

Images are not displayed

Music doesn't play

Memory and performance

Browser is slow

The browser creates too many processes

How much memory does the browser need?

Problems with websites

A page doesn’t open

A website doesn’t open

Redirect loops

No access to social networks


Fuzzy font

Where can I find the cache?

Proxy server error

Browser start page