Syncing passwords

When you save passwords in Yandex.Browser, you can sync them between your computer and your Android smartphone or tablet. For example, syncing passwords allows you to save a password in the browser on your computer, and then use the saved password to sign in to a site from your smartphone. Passwords are always encrypted when they are sent to the Yandex server.

Requirements for syncing passwords

For password syncing to work, you have to:

Enable password syncing

Attention. Password syncing is enabled automatically when the syncing option is enabled.

To enable password syncing:

  1. Enable syncing.
  2. Tap More details to see a list of synced data.
  3. Make sure that you've enabled the Passwords option.

If password syncing was already on, but your passwords did not sync:

  1. Tap   → Settings.
  2. Tap Syncing.
  3. Turn on the Passwords option.
  4. If some changes were made since you enabled password syncing, you'll get a message that Account data is encrypted under an old password. Enter your old data encryption password.
    • Enter your old password.
    • Tap Done.

Disable password syncing

To only disable password syncing:

  1. Tap   → Settings.
  2. Tap Syncing.
  3. Disable the Passwords option.

Additionally, password syncing will be disabled if you disable syncing completely.