hReview for company reviews

General requirements for reviews

To enable Yandex to process reviews from your site, there must be only one review per page. All information and content of a review must be fully contained within an element of the hreview root class.

All elements of the review are nested within the root class element. All the text data of a review that is marked up in accordance with the microformat must be fully displayed on the page for site visitors. The only exception is made for technical data written using the abbr tag or the value-title class. To find out more about how Yandex processes microformats, read the markup processing rules.

Yandex processes the standard microformat elements as well as its own proprietary extensions. The properties that are supported by Yandex but absent from the standard specification are in bold.

Supported fields

The markup schema assumes that HTML elements contain class attributes and are arranged according to the hierarchy shown below.

The root element of the review should be marked with the hreview class. The components of the review are marked up with the classes listed below:

  • summary — brief summary of the review (advice to the buyer, general impressions, etc.).

  • description — the text of the review.

  • pro — text description of the advantages of the reviewed object; if the advantages are formatted as a list, we recommend that you mark up each element of the list with the pro class; it can be nested inside the description.

  • contra — text description of the shortcomings of the reviewed object; if the shortcomings are formatted as a list, we recommend that you mark up each element of the list with the contra class; it can be nested inside the description.


The review must include at least one of the description elements, pro and contra.

  • dtreviewed — date review was written, indicated in ISO 8601 format (for example, 2005-08-09 or 2005-08-09T18:31). This field is required.

  • rating — rating of the reviewed object as a fixed-point number (e.g., 4.0, 4.5 or 4).

    Inside the rating block, you can specify the upper and lower boundaries of the rating scale:

    • worst — lowest possible review rating.

    • best — highest possible review rating.

    If the worst or best fields are not specified, by default the lowest possible rating is 1.0 and the highest possible rating is 5.0.

  • tag — rating of a company in a certain context. The value format is the same as for the rating — fixed-point number (for example, 4.0, 4.5 or 4).

    The tag property includes the following fields:

    • name — the rated feature.

      Processed features:

      • cuisine;

      • service;

      • interior;

      • value-for-money;

      • hall;

      • movie-choice;

      • accommodation;

      • location;

      • drinks;

      • equipment;

      • pool-size;

      • water-quality;

      • workmanship;

      • price-level;

      • music.

    • worst — lowest possible review rating.

    • best — highest possible review rating.

    If the values of the worst or best fields are not specified, by default the lowest possible rating is 1.0 and the highest possible rating is 5.0.

  • permalink — a URL where the full text of the review is available. The permalink must be specified.

    The URL for each review must be unique. It is highly inadvisable to change the permalink value over time.

  • reviewer — this block indicates the author of the review. This field is required.

    The reviewer block must contain the hcard block with information about the author.

    The block must contain the name of the author specified in the fn field. For company reviews, you must also specify the address of the page containing all of the author's reviews. If the url field points to the personal webpage of the author, add the page address containing the reviews into the permalink field of the vcard block describing the author.

    All of these elements are described in the hCard format specification.

    Also check out the section describing how Yandex works with hCard.

  • type — type of object being reviewed. This field is required. Possible values: product, business, place, person, event, website, url.

    For company reviews, the value of the type field should be "business" or "place".

  • item — mandatory block describing the organization.

    For company reviews, the item block must contain one block marked up in accordance with the hCard microformat. This block must contain a link to the company's webpage from your website (the permalink field). Here is an example markup of the item block:

    <div class="item vcard">
      <div class="fn org summary">Prague Restaurant</div>
      <span class="adr">
        <span class="street-address">2/1 Arbat Street</span>,
        <span class="locality">Moscow</span>
      <span class="tel">+7 (495) 690-31-37</span>;
      <a class="url" href=""></a>
      <a class="permalink" href="">All reviews of the restaurant</a>

Example review markup

<div class="hreview">
  <h2 class="summary">
    <a href="" class="permalink">Russian cuisine in exile</a>
  <div>This review was written by
    <span class="reviewer vcard">
      <a class="url fn" href="">Joe Schmoe</a>
    <span class="dtreviewed">
      <abbr class="value" title="2012-07-15">July 15, 2012</abbr>.
  <div class="rating">
    <abbr class="worst" title="0"/>
      <span class="value">9</span> out of
      <span class="best">10</span>.
  <div class="pro">Free parking, wonderful children's room and considerate waiters.</div>
  <div class="contra">Large and noisy non-smoking dining hall.</div>
  <div class="description">
    <abbr class="type" title="business"/>
    <p>Our orders were ready relatively fast, and our drinks were prepared almost immediately. Service was
     up to par, though dirty dishes sometimes lingered.</p>
    <p>I would recommend the Russian cuisine, especially the soups.</p>
  <div>The author visited the restaurant on
    <span class="dtvisited">
      <abbr class="value" title="2012-07-10"/>July 10, 2012</abbr>
  <div>Ratings of restaurant features:
      <li class="tag">
        <span class="name">
          <span class="value-title" title="cuisine"/>
        <span class="value">5</span> out of
        <span class="best">5</span>;
      <li class="tag">
        <span class="name">
          <span class="value-title" title="hall"/>
        Dining hall:
        <span class="value">3</span> out of
        <span class="best">5</span>;
  <div class="item vcard">
    <h3>Information about the
      <abbr class="category" title="restaurant">restaurant</abbr>
      <span class="fn">Abroad</span>
    <p class="adr">Address:
      <span class="locality">Moscow</span>,
      <span class="street-address">7 Tverskaya Street</span>.
    <p>Telephone: <abbr class="tel" title="+7 (495) 123-45-12 ">123-45-12</abbr>.</p>
    <p>Restaurant's website: <a class="url" href=""></a></p>
    <p>Email address of the restaurant's administration:
      <a class="email" href=""></a>