The links are the most important component of the Internet. They connect the pages of the world-wide web with each other, being, basically, paths that the users follow. Because of that, it is very important to pay attention to the links that bind your site to the external world.

  1. Partner links. If other sites link to yours, make sure that their link text contains a relevant description of your site, and not just a URL. Ask your partners to change the links so they bear more information than just the words “here”, “this”, “over there”, “this site” etc.

  2. The links used by the Internet media. If online media use the information from your site, it is good if your text contains a link with an appropriate key phrase.

  3. Link catalogs. There are a few online catalogs worthy of publishing your site address there. For example, Yandex.Catalog, high quality organization catalogs on regional portals. There are also innumerable unmoderated spam catalogs, and placing your links in them will hardly improve your site ranking. Here are several signs of a good catalog:

    • It must be moderated.

    • It must have navigation convenient for users.

    • Thematic sections of the catalog must contain links to sites with good reputation for a particular subject matter, or sites of industry-leading companies.

    • Names and descriptions of the sites should not contain spelling mistakes. They should be convenient for reading and using.

    • The pages of the catalog must not contain advertisement that interferes with perception of the main content.

  4. Pay attention to links that the visitors may publish on your site. If you have sections where visitors can leave their messages (i.e. comments to entries, forums, discussion of content), monitor the outgoing links carefully. All the links must be moderated by the site owner whenever possible. Unfortunately, it is highly probable that someone will want to leave spam entries on your site. Yandex search engine does not take spammer links into account. However, the reputation of your site may suffer if you do not control the links published on your pages. If you are not sure of the quality of the links that the users leave on your site, we recommend adding the rel="nofollow" attribute to them. If your forum has a lot of spam messages, it may be completely excluded from Yandex indexing. We also recommend you to protect your site from spam robots with CAPTCHA.

  5. Paid links, link exchanges Yandex values links that are placed on the site to help its visitors. On the other hand, the links that appear on sites because someone paid for the publication (especially those published using link exchanges and addressed to search engines, as opposed to human visitors of the site) interfere with Yandex's ability to determine the level of site trust and its relevancy to user queries. More about SEO links.